It might seem like the easiest possible solution to creating your estate plan is doing it by yourself online. However, this poses a number of problems, such as making mistakes in your estate plan that could render documents invalid.

Seemingly simple mistakes might not be discovered until you’ve passed away, leaving your loved ones to deal with the ramifications. Advanced planning with the help of a lawyer increases the chances that your estate plan reflects your needs.

Estate planning is a highly personal process, and this is why it is valuable to establish a personal relationship with a qualified estate planning attorney. Your attorney will make an effort in working with you to get to know your assets, family situation and goals. This increases the chances that your estate plan addresses your unique situation.

Your lawyer will sit down with you to discuss your assets and liabilities and will also know the right questions to ask, the options available to you based on your individual goals and can prepare documents that are associated with your unique situation. Both thinking about estate planning during your life and after you pass away is important and your lawyer will help ensure that you have the right documents in place for you to achieve these goals.

There are so many potential pitfalls associated with DIY estate planning. An estate planning is also an ongoing process that requires regularly revisiting to ensure that your goals are still front and center. With these unique issues in mind, discuss the possibilities of estate planning with a qualified lawyer in Pasadena today.



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