Are you in the age bracket where it’s time to consider the possibility of long term care support? Research shows that three out of every four Americans older than age 65 will need long term care at some point in their life.

Seniors are the biggest growing segment of the United States population and also those most likely to need long term care health services. In California, there are over 5.4 million people over the age 65 and this number is anticipated to grow beyond 6 million throughout 2020.

There are many different factors that influence whether or not a person will need long term care, but it is important to prepare for the possibility and thinking about the kinds of long term care facility services that are available. You can’t always anticipate the type of medical need you might have in future but it is important to consider how your current estate planning documents might also influence your need for elder law support.

The need to address how to pay for long term care becomes increasingly urgent as more of American society ages. The cost of long term care can be catastrophic for you and your partner’s retirement savings. More than two thirds of all nursing facility residents within California rely on Medicaid managed care known in California as Medi-Cal.

The purpose of this Medicaid program is to provide critical services and medical care to alleviate sickness, medically disabling conditions, and to preserve health for people who do not have income that is appropriate enough to meet their individual needs. Every state manages their own Medicaid program with broad guidelines to determine what is most appropriate.

The state of California has specific requirements and discussing these with your California elder law attorney is extremely important for outlining a plan for your future.

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