In the wake of a loved one’s death, it’s normal to feel like you want to step back and take some time to grieve. For family members responsible for helping with probate, however, that downtime is not always available. This is particularly true if no one knows where the estate planning documents are.

Every party approaches estate planning somewhat differently which can be very challenging if you have recently lost a loved one and are in the difficult position of trying to figure out your loved one’s intentions and locate their documents.

A good place to start looking is in any safes or fireproof boxes located inside the home. It is possible that your loved one stored their estate planning materials within their own home to make it easy for you to find.

It is also the case that some people who are savvy with their estate planning write a letter that is easily found after they pass away instructing loved ones on how to find these important documents. Locating these estate planning documents, such as a will or trust, is not always easy.

They may be located in the safe deposit box which is not always easy to access or stored at an attorney’s office. Since it can take some time to locate these documents, think carefully about how you might be able to make things easier for your loved ones by ensuring that these documents are found simply and easily.

Sharing with key parties how to find these materials can make it much easier on your loved ones who are coping with your loss and all of the challenges that unfold in the wake of that grief. To put together your own estate plan and assist your loved ones with this process. Schedule a consultation today with a law firm for assistance with your own California estate plan.      



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