Dementia can be a very difficult diagnosis to adapt to, and it can vary significantly in terms of how it currently impacts your loved one. There are steps you can take now to potentially plan ahead for the care of your partner. Creating a legal end of life and financial plan may require the insight of outside professionals. Some of the early warning signs of dementia include memory loss that impacts daily life, difficulty completing once routine tasks, and challenges in solving problems or planning. Confusion with time and place may also occur. When you begin to notice these in a loved one, do not ignore the signs, and schedule an appointment immediately.

A dementia diagnosis can be completely overwhelming. But it is important to take some planning steps immediately, so long as your loved one still has the mental capacity to understand this. If you wait until a person’s mental capacity declines, others may argue these legal documents are invalid, adding stress to an already-difficult set of circumstances.

Your partner should have the right legal documents in place, including a healthcare durable power of attorney, living will, general durable power of attorney, will, and trust, if applicable. You may also ask them about their wishes regarding a do not resuscitate or do not intubate order.

Getting these materials in line now can help with quick and prompt action that respects your loved one’s wishes if and when they become unable to speak for themselves. Schedule a time to communicate with an experienced lawyer now. Our Pasadena estate planners can assist you with getting your documents in order.

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