Your assets go to your closest relatives under California law in Pasadena per the intestate succession rules. Only assets that pass through your will are included under intestate succession laws. Examples of those that do not go through your will include life insurance proceeds, retirement account funds, property transfer to a living trust, payable on death bank accounts, vehicles held by transfer on death registration, and those that you hold in community property or joint tenancy with the right of survivorship.

If you pass away with children but no spouse, the children will inherit everything and if you have a spouse but no children, siblings, parents or nieces and nephews, the spouse inherits everything. If you have no children, spouse or siblings, then your parents will inherit everything.

The state continues to go down a list to determine who will be eligible to receive your assets if you pass away without a will. What your spouse gets if you pass away intestate depends on how the two of you owned your property. Community property acquired during the marriage will be split half with your spouse. If you have separate property, your spouse will inherit a portion of it or all of it. Spouses will not be entitled to your property if you and your spouse are legally separated and not yet divorced. Schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer in Pasadena to learn more about how to prepare for your future.

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