If you’re like most people around the world, you’re staying inside and working on accomplishing tasks and keeping your family’s spirits high. Accomplishing estate planning is another aspect of getting your personal and financial affairs in order during this time.

Remember that most estate planning work can be done at home and plenty of estate planning law firms are meeting with their clients virtually. You can gather some of the necessary materials and start thinking about some of the important questions to be asked in this process before even meeting with your attorney.

You can still create, update or even finalize your estate plan while being at home, since most attorneys are working remotely and are available over videoconferencing, telephone, and email to assist you. This means that documents can be drafted and emailed to you for your individual review or delivered to you through a tracked delivery service or the mail. Now is an excellent time to get your estate planning house in order.

Chances are that you might have some extra time right now to think about those issues and questions that you’ve placed on the back burner. While these issues are at the forefront of your mind, think about setting up a consultation with your estate planning law firm to walk through the current state of your documents and to discuss additional strategies that can help you leverage your individual choices.

While you hope you don’t need to activate certain pieces of your estate plan in the near future, including incapacity plans, acting once something has happened leaves you and your loved ones with limited options. It’s much better to consider the possibility and to plan for it just in case. It will make things instrumentally easier for your family during a difficult time.

Our Pasadena estate planning law firm is here for you- we can help with phone consultations and virtual calls to support you with where you need the most estate planning help right now.

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