If you have already taken steps with your New Year’s resolutions to obtain financial solvency, such as speaking with a tax planning lawyer and attacking debt, any emergency can still be devastating if you haven’t considered all planning opportunities.

Far too many people don’t have an appropriate estate plan in place and this could lead to your property being stuck in probate administration or passing on to an individual who wasn’t your intended beneficiary.

Because of these possible mistakes, it’s a good idea to use now as the time to work with an attorney who is familiar with estate planning, elder law, asset protection and tax planning. Qualified counsel can go a long way in clarifying your individual concerns.

Some of the most common services provided by an experienced attorney in the realm of estate and elder law planning include:

  • Putting together an estate plan that accomplishes your individual wishes at the lowest overall cost to your family.
  • Maximizing government subsidizing benefits such as VA benefits available to you.
  • Protecting assets from a possible strike due to long term care expenses.

Many people avoid getting the assistance of an experienced estate planning lawyer because of the perceived extravagance of the cost. However, if you do not obtain appropriate legal advice early on, this could end up costing your family that much more. Schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer today to learn more about your options.


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