Alzheimer’s is a serious medical condition that has far reaching impacts for the effected person and his or her family members. Increasing research projects have been dedicated to better understanding Alzheimer’s.

The impact of cognitive decline on many areas of your life, including estate planning, can have important ramifications over whether or not wills, trusts and other documents created after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis could be viewed as legally valid.

Previous research has determined that women may be more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease to begin with, whereas men are more likely to be diagnosed in earlier stages when the symptoms they experience are minor.

Memory tests could be evaluated however, to help address more women at the early stages of the disease when they are more likely to benefit from treatment and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Anyone who has experienced an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can have a range of different impacts and symptoms but it is important to consider whether or not any estate planning documents created up to this time are still accurate and reflect the individual creator’s wishes.

Issues surrounding cognizance and awareness with estate planning should be addressed promptly with the help of an experienced California estate planning lawyer. Contact us to set up a meeting in our Pasadena office to discuss the specifics of your plan.

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