Estate planning is difficult for many people, but one commonly overlooked aspect is planning ahead for funeral arrangements. It can be very difficult to put your loved ones in the position of having to make these decisions for you, especially if they don’t know whether or not you had your own wishes expressed or prepaid for something. If no arrangements exist, it puts your loved ones in the position to answer important questions in which they may disagree with one another.

To make it easier on all of your loved ones, designate one person known as your executor or personal representative to handle the main responsibilities associated with your funeral and related issues. This gives peace of mind that everyone in your family has someone to look to.

You may prepay for a funeral or set up some other memorial service at the business of your choice in your area so your loved ones don’t even have to worry about these details.

Providing a letter of instruction about any previously purchased materials is also very beneficial when you’re thinking about planning ahead for the future. This makes sure that your loved ones know where to find the valuable information associated with your estate plan.

If you don’t make a formal designation of who you wish to take over your estate administration, this means your loved ones must go through a court process in order to have someone appointed. This can lead to unnecessary delays or costs. Working with a qualified estate planning attorney will help you work through these and many other important issues related to planning your estate. Contact our Pasadena, CA estate planning attorneys now.


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