There are so many misconceptions out there about the process of elder law planning. Although estate planning is something that most people will recognize by the term alone, elder law planning can be extremely complex and leads many people to think it’s not for them. If you are under the impression that estate planning with an elder lawyer is only for the elderly people, think again.

Illness and accidents can affect everyone. Many of the most important components of an elder law plan could affect someone younger who is suddenly impacted by a disabling illness or incapacitating event. By planning now before you become elderly, you protect your assets and yourself from unanticipated problems. Everyone who is aged 18 and above, for example, could benefit from a health care proxy and a power of attorney to name another individual to make medical, legal, and financial decisions on your behalf.

Avoiding a guardianship proceeding and ensuring that someone else is eligible to step in when you are incapacitated are some of the most common reasons why you might schedule a consultation with an estate planning attorney who is familiar with elder law. Elder law involves many different aspects of looking ahead into the future, including thinking about your health care, Medicaid planning, passing on your assets and the unique concerns you have regarding you and your family. The right lawyer can make a significant impact on how you feel about your future and the tools and strategies you have in place designed to protect you.



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