Chances are good that you will need the help of an elder law attorney in your older years. As you begin looking towards your retirement future and what will happen after you are no longer around, seeking counsel from an elder law lawyer can be very beneficial. Elder law attorneys are those who have experience and knowledge in multiple areas that will directly affect the lives of senior citizens. An elder law attorney likely has experience helping many people like you in situations regarding your future.

This can include the creation or analysis of an existing estate plan, answering important questions around the process of applying for Social Security, understanding how Medicare can help support your healthcare needs in older ages and where it stops with regard to long term care expenses, how to plan for and think about Medicaid as a component of your long term care plan, what existing protections and strategies you already have in place for long term care, and even protecting yourself against elder abuse.

A consultation with an elder law attorney is your opportunity to ask individual questions that are most relevant to your current situation. A consultation with an elder law lawyer will present you with next steps and strategies that are important for protecting your life now and well into the future.

As you’re nearing retirement age, it’s time to start thinking about how you protect your interests and plans. Sitting down the right elder law attorney is a good first step. Our Pasadena law firm is here to help answer your biggest estate planning and elder law questions.

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