There are many different unique considerations associated with preparing an estate plan in California. Working with the right Pasadena estate planning lawyers can make a big impact on your ability to move forward and to protect your desires in your estate planning purpose. It is not necessarily the case that your spouse will automatically receive everything you own when you pass away.

If you have separate property, your spouse receives only a partial interest in your property. Furthermore, there are other complicated issues that apply based on how you hold title to your assets. Your spouse might still be responsible for filing a spousal property petition in probate court to ensure you receive your interest in the property you jointly own.

You will still want to establish an estate plan with the help of an experienced Pasadena estate planning attorney, especially if you want your loved ones to be able to avoid the process of probate or to minimize the amount of time spent in probate. Contact our qualified Pasadena estate planning lawyers today to learn more about this process and to get started crafting a plan that protects your legacy and your future.

Remember that there is also property outside of your probate estate, such as life insurance or retirement accounts, that must have its own beneficiary designations to pass to who you want, including your spouse.

Most people creating an estate plan have multiple beneficiaries they wish to support. This should always be worked through with the help of a lawyer because there are so many elements at play. Deciding what to gift and who to give these gifts can reflect your personal values as well as the best choices around tax implications.

Contact our Pasadena estate planning office to learn more about the right questions to answer and how to proceed. We’ll help you find the estate planning solutions that address your needs and support your loved ones and the causes you care about after you pass away.

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