estate plan

Once you have chosen someone to serve as an important role in your estate, such as trustee, executor, or power of attorney agent, it’s valuable to have a conversation with them about the role they will play. If someone is appointed under a health care medical power of attorney discuss the kinds of treatments you want to accept or avoid and your reasoning behind this. If an emergency occurs, you want this clarified well in advance.

This work requires you to consider some difficult questions in advance, such as whether or not you would want to remain alive on a ventilator or receive CPR at a certain point.

Your reasoning behind this helps your chosen agent to serve in this role, because they will make decisions based on your beliefs and preferences. You may not be able to see every potential medical situation that arises and empowering your agent to understand your wishes will make it that much easier to address your concerns in the moment. Your family members may not agree with the decisions that you’ve made.

But by documenting these in advance and communicating them to your chosen agent, you stand a strong chance of having those wishes respected in the event of an unexpected medical emergency. If no one is appointed in these key roles, your family members may have to go to court to receive permission to make these decisions on your behalf, which puts loved ones in a very difficult position, particularly if family members do not all agree about the best course of action.

Planning in advance can eliminate conflict and protect your wishes at the same time, especially when you choose an estate planning law firm in Pasadena with attorneys who have experience in this field.



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