Helping a parent move out of their own home and comfortable surroundings can seem very intimidating, especially if they are making a transition into senior housing. This is a difficult decision financially, physically and emotionally.Elderly couple looking at senior housing brochures

Declining health, safety issues, family concerns about a person’s well-being or the death of a spouse can all be some of the reasons that trigger a need to move into senior housing.

The first phase of this process comes with the realization that what has been home possibly for a long period of time, is no longer suitable for the independent person’s needs. Emotional ties to a place are very challenging to overcome.

Discovering a new home that is both appropriate and appealing is not an easy task, and neither is going through the elimination of property likely required to move a person into senior housing in California. It’s important to take the following steps into consideration as you contemplate this process for a loved one:

  • Plan ahead
  • Get comprehensive assessment of the current situation including financial resources and physical care needs
  • Implement a multi-phase approach
  • Explore all new housing options

Senior living today provides many different choices and opportunities than ever before, so it’s important to think carefully about what your loved one needs and which of the available options on the market today is most suited to their best future.

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