Estate Planning Tips to Consider as You Prepare to Welcome a New Baby

Adding a baby to your family for the first time can be an overwhelming, exciting and heartfelt experience. How you approach it with the support of friends and family can make it seem as though there are many details to keep track of. Acquiring all of the things that you need to welcome this new bundle of joy can make it simple to overlook the impact of estate planning. It’s a good idea to have a checklist to keep track of all of the progress that you have regarding the tasks on your to do list.

Having a baby can have a significant impact on your day to day finances and your longer-term goals as a family. You must not just think about naming a guardian for your new minor child but contemplate contingency plans for what would happen if one or both parents were to pass away or to become incapacitated and no longer able to care for that baby.

All of these important estate planning issues ideally should have been considered and put into your documentation well in advance but now is as good a reminder as any to make your estate plan be a front and center priority.

An estate planning lawyer who has extensive experience in helping family members welcome their new child and complete all of the estate planning tasks associated with that can give you great confidence in your plans.

Do you need support getting ready for this big transition in your life? If so, our office knows how to help you think through all of the most important issues and to put a plan in place that gives you and your loved ones peace of mind. Contact our office today to start drafting your will, power of attorney document, or trust. We want to help you craft the plan that makes the most sense for your growing family and helps you accomplish these important tasks off your to-do list in a caring and meaningful manner.



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