Moving to a new state might bring new opportunities. In fact, you might have moved to relocate for your career or to change the existing dynamic with your family or to be closer to loved ones.

When you move, however, there is additional things to consider beyond making sure everything gets in the boxes and that you’ve hired a reputable moving company and possibly a good realtor. You also need to think about the possibility of updating your estate plan because you are living in a new location. If you move into California, make sure all of your documents match California requirements and your new address.

Especially if your new state requires the payment of a state-level inheritance tax, you may need to adjust your estate planning strategies. Furthermore, existing documents from your previous state that might have been legally valid there do not necessarily transfer over or may even include provisions that could render them invalid.

It is beneficial to sit down with an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer to talk through the opportunities for revising your estate plan and getting some clarity over what updates need to be made.

Estate laws vary in different states especially as it comes to powers of attorney, the status of marital property and rules about who can and can’t be an executor. Make sure you discuss your specific concerns with an attorney who has been practicing in this new location for some period of time.

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