Your estate planning document needs depend on your individual goals and what you hope to accomplish both during your life and afterwards. With so many options available, knowing that you can speak to an experienced estate planning lawyer in Pasadena helps you to prepare for the right strategies and documents.

We often guide our clients through a series of questions so that they can determine what’s in their best interests.

Below are some of the issues to be raised when thinking about putting together a revocable living trust.

Disability Planning

If most or any of your assets are titled in your name alone, a revocable living trust can help you with disability planning. Make sure that your Pasadena lawyer has listed provisions inside the trust about how to determine your mental capacity outside of court.

Single People

You might not assume that you need more than a will if you’re currently single, but your heirs can still face challenges in pursuing your case through probate. If your assets are titled in your name, you can avoid a court guardianship proceeding and make things easier for your heirs in the process with a revocable living trust.

Couples in a Second or Subsequent Marriage

You and your new spouse might have different beneficiaries like your grandchildren or children. A revocable living trust becomes a meaningful tool in this situation to ensure that each of your intended beneficiaries receive the assets you want them to.

Those Who Want Privacy

Most people don’t want the details of their estate to become a matter of public record that is easily searched by other people. When most of your estate goes through probate, however, it becomes searchable in this way. A revocable living trust adds an important layer of privacy.

If you need more advice and support on how to create a revocable living trust, our Pasadena estate planning law office is here to help you. Schedule a meeting with us today to talk options.

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