I suspect you have been receiving a lot of emails about the novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 from your doctors, financial advisors and local restaurants. I thought you might appreciate a short note from your lawyer’s perspective.

We certainly do not want to see a pandemic or declining markets, but here we are. Of course, one of the reasons we do estate planning is to prepare for unexpected crises. Who saw this pandemic coming? Since you have worked with us to create your estate plan, you have taken very important steps to protect yourself and your family in case of illness (COVID-19 or otherwise). You already have the right people in place to take care of you and your family, and to manage your assets if you get sick.

However, if we haven’t seen you in awhile, it might make sense to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What has changed since I created my plan?
  2. How long ago did I create my plan?
  3. Are all of my assets titled to coordinate with my estate plan?
  4. Are the beneficiaries of my retirement accounts and insurance policies correct?
  5. Who is going to make financial and healthcare decisions for me if I cannot?

Although it may seem as if the entire world is shutting down, I want you to know that we are open for business. To the extent you prefer to meet remotely, I will do my best to accommodate you; we are exploring the best tools to enable virtual meetings and I have applied to become an “e-notary” — that is, someone who can notarize documents remotely and electronically — so you can sign your completed planning documents in the comfort of your own home!

Finally, on a less esoteric note, I attach a recipe so you can make your own hand sanitizer.

If you have concerns about any of this, please give me a call — we are here to help. And if any of your friends have similar concerns, I would be happy to talk to them, too.

Very truly yours,

Jan Copley

Hand Sanitizer Recipe

(Courtesy of Fair Oaks Women’s Health)

Mix 1 cup of Isopropyl alcohol, ½ cup Aloe Vera gel, a few drops of scented oil (for aroma), 1-2 drops of Vitamin E oil (for skin softening) and enough water to thin the gel mixture to appropriate consistency.

Use in good health!

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