At our Pasadena estate planning office, we believe that inter-generational estate planning is critical.

It’s about more than just looking forward to only one generation. These plans help heirs be prepared to manage and preserve assets well into the future even after they are gone.

Five different steps need to be incorporated into your inter-generational estate planning process. These include:

• Bringing the family together to create a strategy.
• Evaluating the full scope of all involved assets.
• Considering significant family needs like charitable giving, lifetime gifting and long term care concerns.
• Looking through different estate planning tools with the help of an experienced attorney.
• Taking stock of your plan regularly and following up with updates.

Building inter-generational wealth is a continual process and one that can be extremely complex. Finding the right Pasadena estate planning lawyer to help you navigate this process increases your chances of success and sets your family up to benefit from this hard work for many generations to come.

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