Over the course of recent history, plenty of people have avoided estate planning because they assume they don’t need it. With social media, email and bank accounts, and other digital assets like photos, it has become more important to tether any of your online assets to you. As life gets more complicated and you add more accounts under your name, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to keep track of it all for your Pasadena estate plan.

It’s easy to brush off the prospect of spending time to organize your life and the paperwork surrounding it, but this makes the process of organization fall to your loved ones after you pass away.

Using one virtual way to manage all the assets can help to ensure that your accounts can be properly saved or shut down if something happens to you.

This enables you to have one clear financial picture from anywhere and at anytime. The practice of ghosting or stealing someone else’s identity has become more popular in recent years. Sometimes people watch the obituaries to see if they have the potential to steal information in online accounts, but having a procedure in place to protect everything makes it easier for your loved ones to take proper actions to protect your legacy.

Remember that your legacy stretches beyond just the money you leave behind to others. It’s about your values and your sentiments, too. Don’t forget your online accounts when setting up a meeting with a Pasadena estate planning lawyer.



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