Estate Planning vs. Business Transition

Many people confuse estate planning with business transition . They are actually quite different. View image | According to a story on, estate planning involves the transfer of wealth and assets of an individual, both personal and business related, from one person to another person or entity. Business transition involves the transfer of… Read More »

Estate Planning Asset Protection

Once you begin to accumulate substantial wealth, you have to start worrying about protecting it from potential creditors. There are various tools to help do this, whether it be for protecting your business or your personal assets. View image | Potential creditors are everywhere: the taxman, accident victims, health care providers, credit card companies… Read More »

Telling Children About Your Estate Plan Documents

Should parents tell their adult children what’s in their estate planning documents? View image | A story on says absolutely yes. Just how much you should tell your children, however, may vary according to what you are comfortable with. But at a very minimum you should tell them where the documents are, who… Read More »

Handling The Investments Of Aging Parents

There’s been plenty of attention paid lately to baby boomers and whether they are prepared for retirement. But boomers face another thorny problem: their parents’ finances. View image | Many financial advisors and attorneys are seeing a similar pattern — elderly clients who no longer have the mental capacity to handle their finances, says… Read More »

Financial Lessons From Downton Abbey

The popular British television series Downton Abbey might not seem the likely place to get financial advice, but there are some lessons to be learned from the show. View image | A story on CNN says there are five financial lessons to be learned from the show. Don’t put all your money into one… Read More »

Things To Do Before You Die

Have a bucket list? Want to jump out of a plane? See the Taj Mahal? Well, an article on has a list of things to do before you die, but they all have to do with estate planning. The story lists 16 things. We will list the top 5. Make an inventory of your… Read More »

Can You Afford To Splurge?

You recently turned 50 or maybe you turned 60. Its finally time to splurge! Or is it? Sure, a vacation home would be nice. Maybe a luxury car. Or a trip around the world. But before you splurge, ask yourself these questions, says an article on Can you really afford it? If you are… Read More »

The Argument For Inherited Wealth

Thomas Piketty, author of the best-selling “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” argues that inherited wealth’s importance is growing, not diminishing. According to a story in the New York Times, Piketty sees a future that combines slow economic growth with high returns to capital. He believes that peoples’ living standards will be determined less by their… Read More »