Can’t a Child Just Be Added to My Bank Account?

All too often, an estate planning attorney will come forward and have to deal with problems in the probate aspect of a case because of mistakes that were made in the estate planning process. All too often, for example, some estate planning lawyers can learn after the death of a client that the client had… Read More »

How to Add a Side Hustle to Your Retirement Plan

If you are looking ahead towards retirement, you may be curious about whether you should transition out of the workforce completely. Many people who enter retirement still would benefit from an additional stream of income and will also like some way to spend their time that fulfills them. A side hustle or a hobby that… Read More »

What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?

Have you ever heard of a charitable remainder trust? Do you have questions about how it could be used to help you accomplish your estate planning goals? The tax deduction for a charitable remainder trust operates similar to a charitable annuity. A charitable remainder trust allows a non-charity as an income beneficiary with the remainder… Read More »

Why A Responsive Attorney Can Make a Difference

When you are selecting the right person to serve in the role of your estate planning attorney, it’s important to think about how this is a long term relationship rather than an opportunity to meet with an attorney once and get everything you need. As your life changes, so too should your estate planning strategies… Read More »

You need an estate planning professional

While you can tackle many aspects of financial planning on your own, estate planning is not one of them. That’s the conclusion of a story on that says while there are do-it-yourself wills and other estate planning tools available on line, the topic is very complicated and the right solution is specific to each… Read More »

Elder care resources listed

If you are in need of elder care for a loved one, where do you start? Lightpost, part of USA Today, is a new website that provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare. It also vets resources and guides you to ones that will be of help. The story suggests, a government web site,… Read More »

New rules for disaster readiness

Tens of thousands of American health care providers and suppliers – including hospitals and nursing homes – will have to comply with new federal disaster preparedness requirements. The new rule is aimed at preventing the breakdown in patient care that followed disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, while also strengthening the ability to provide services during… Read More »

Memory loss not enough to diagnose Alzheimer’s

A study says memory loss is not enough to diagnose Alzheimer’s. The study, posted on, says relying on symptoms of memory loss may miss other forms of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s that don’t affect memory right away. There is more than one kind of Alzheimer’s, the study says. It can cause language problems, behavior… Read More »

Becoming a caregiver

When you become a caregiver to an aging parent, you will find that you are taking on many of the duties they had when raising you. The job is physically, emotionally and financially draining, but can be rewarding. A survey found that about half of caregivers spend $5,000 or more annually. If you are preparing… Read More »

Don’t drop the ball when planning your estate

Many people make serious errors in estate planning — or fail to plan at all. Here are five of the most common mistakes, according to a story on * Not having a will. A survey showed 64 percent of Americans don’t have one. * Failing to update your will. If your life changes, your… Read More »

Tube feeding for dementia patients on the decline

Many dementia patients who have trouble eating are put on feeding tubes. The tube is surgically inserted through the abdominal wall. But a growing number of family members are refusing to allow it. In fact, the proportion of nursing home residents with advanced dementia who get a feeding tube has dropped by 50 percent, according… Read More »

Weirdest wills of all time

Wills can do more than delineate how one wants to distribute assets after death. Sometimes, they are used to settle scores or send messages. Comedian Jack Benny’s will called for a single long-stemmed rose to be sent to his widow every day after his death. Another will left $12 million to the deceased’s dog. That… Read More »

How to help your children without giving them money now

  Some wealthy individuals don’t want to leave their children anything. They don’t want their kids living off their inheritances. So they want to give everything to charity. But there is no reason why people have to give their children money right away. A story on advises such people to give their inheritances to… Read More »

Drug may help Alzheimer’s

  A new study suggests that a new drug, Aducanumab, may help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. The drug not only decreased the plaques that have been thought to cause Alzheimer’s in most patients but may also contribute to mental recovery. Only 165 patients were involved in the preliminary study, but the FDA has authorized… Read More »

One firm to offer paid elder care

More employers are offering paid leave for all caregiving, including elder care. The latest is Deloitte LLP, a professional services firm. It said last week it will offer up to 16 weeks paid leave for a wide range of caregiving, including maternity and paternity leave, elder care and aid for other sick family members. The… Read More »

Long life for our parents, healthier lives for us

The longer our parents live, the longer we are likely to live. Not a surprise there. But a new study also says that if our parents live long lives, we are likely to live not only long lives, but healthy lives. The study, which appeared on, concluded that having longer-living parents means we have… Read More »