Major Mistakes You Want to Avoid If You Have a Special Needs Child – Part I

There are many different mistakes that you can unfortunately make in the event that you have a special needs child. This situation requires careful consideration and planning with the help of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. Unfortunately, what seems like small mistakes at the time that you make them can lead to catastrophic problems. Read… Read More »

Special Needs, Special Planning

The financial rules are different for the 20 million American families with special needs kids. Parents of such kids can’t just name them in their wills. A story on says the key to helping special needs kids is Medicaid. But to qualify, the child cannot have assets worth more than $2,000. Even if they… Read More »

Estate Planning When You Have Children With Special Needs

For parents with special needs children, estate planning is especially important. Most special needs children will need a designated person to care for them after their parents have died. A recent article discusses several aspects of estate planning when special needs children are involved. When special needs children are involved, an estate plan should include… Read More »