An Economics Professor at Harvard Recently Published A Study That Shows That Women Can Lose Out When They Retire at The Same Time as Their Husbands

Deciding to retire at the same time as your husband might make a lot of sense so that you can spend time together. However, there are other possibilities and challenges that could affect you. Married women are overall still considered in their peak earning years in their 50s and early 60s, whereas married men’s earnings… Read More »

Many Americans Feel They’re Falling from Behind on Retirement

If you’ve already completed your estate planning and have been contributing to your retirement savings plan for years, congratulations, because you’re well ahead of the curve. A recent study completed by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America indicates that approximately half of retirement savers in the United States believe that they are already too… Read More »

What Is a Generous Retirement Plan?

It is important to have a plan not just for how you’ll get to retirement but how you intend to use those funds after you get there. Retirement can be an excellent time to generously give your talents, assets and time. There are some primary things you should consider as you work towards moving into… Read More »

Remember the Bucket Strategy When Planning for Your Retirement

One of the most important components of retirement planning strategy is the composition of your retirement portfolio. All too often, financial planners find out that a retiree’s assets are in pre-tax accounts, also known as qualified plans.  This means when they pull out withdrawals to meet their living expenses, they will also need additional amounts… Read More »

Three Basics for Every Retirement Plan

A retirement plan is about more than just setting aside money for your own individual future. It’s natural to focus on how much income you intend to set aside and generate during retirement, however, these are not the only issues you need to consider when looking towards exiting the workforce. The three main issues you… Read More »

Are You Failing to Plan for These Four Retirement Issues?

If you’ve put together a comprehensive retirement plan, you have certainly taken the necessary first steps towards allowing for meaningful and enjoyable golden years. However, before you get too confident about your funded retirement plan, there are often several issues that are left out and can be assisted by hiring a knowledgeable financial professional to… Read More »

What Are Retirement Super Savers?

Many people in younger generations are experiencing the challenges of their older loved ones as baby boomers approach retirement. This is causing a growing number of people to think about their financial future and to max out on their 401(k) contributions. Research from the Economic Policy Institute indicates that retirement saving in United States is… Read More »