Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

Many people are curious about whether a power of attorney document ever terminates or whether you need to go through the process of hiring a lawyer to remove a person that you no longer want to have this power, this person could be choosing to refuse to give up the power of attorney. There are… Read More »

Update Your Power of Attorney Following a Divorce

After getting a divorce, there are immediate estate planning issues that have to be addressed and overlooking even one of these could set you up for potential failure if a now estranged spouse is making decisions on your behalf. In the first part of this three-part blog series to discuss the benefits of updating your… Read More »

How to Choose a Power of Attorney Agent Properly

One critical component of your estate planning is determining the individuals you would like to work with to craft your plan as well as to carry out the management of your affairs if you are unable to do so. While it might seem like the hardest part of this equation involves determining your individual wishes… Read More »

Why Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

Although there are many different reasons to pull together various estate planning documents for what will happen to your assets after you pass away, it is just as important to think about planning over the course of your life. This is one of the most critical reasons why you need a power of attorney. No… Read More »

Myths of Estate Planning

If you think being married means you don’t need a will or power of attorney, think again. An article on says this is a myth. It says you need a will because if one of you dies, the other may not inherit everything. Your state has laws to ensure that a surviving spouse will… Read More »

Is Your Power of Attorney Powerless?

Some people who have given power of attorney to a loved one to help them managed their business in the case of incapacity are finding that their banks are not honoring the documents. These banks are insisting that the owners of the bank accounts at their institutions sign the institutions’ own power of attorney forms,… Read More »

3 D’s of Estate Planning

Estate planning is shorthand for dealing with the “three D’s” — disability, divorce and death. The first critical part of estate planning is not about deciding who gets what in case of death, says an article on Before then, you are much more likely to need someone to help manage your life in the… Read More »

Four Documents You Need

What concepts should you be familiar with when going to see an estate planning attorney? A story on says there are four things you should know a little about before your first meeting with your estate planning attorney. They are: A basic will. A catch-all to ensure your assets and properties be passed on… Read More »

Your Estate Planning Checklist

Nobody wants to think about their mortality, but you should not avoid estate planning. An up-to-date plan is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after you pass on. A story in the Des Moines Register recommends reviewing your estate plan every three or four years or after any significant milestone…. Read More »