How to Use a Pet Trust to Protect Your Furry Friends

Historically, people were not always able to use estate planning documents for the purpose of protecting their family members in the form of scaled, feathered, or furry friends. Planning ahead for your pet’s future has never been easier. If your family members cannot take or do not want your pets if something were to happen… Read More »

Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning isn’t easy – that’s why there are lawyers and financial advisors who specialize in helping people with their estates. View image | If you review your documents, make sure they are signed and pick the right experts, you should be fine, says an article on But there are mistakes that people… Read More »

Planning to Protect Your Pets

More and more, medical professionals are advising elderly Americans to adopt or purchase a pet. Pets are a wonderful cure to the loneliness and depression faced by many elderly Americans. Pets for elderly people can become problematic, however, when the pet outlives its human parent. A recent article discusses how to plan for a pet… Read More »