Is Self-Directed Long-Term Care for You?

More and more people who are approaching retirement age recognize that they may need support in the form of long term care. What long term care looks like for you depends on your funds, your support systems in place for managing long term care, such as an insurance policy, and your individual requests. More people… Read More »

New Study Finds Retirement Readiness Gap

Schwab Retirement Plan Services recently surveyed 1,000 workers who had access to a 401k plan. Half of those individuals were not contributing actively to such a plan and the other half were. The non-savers, according to the study results, are increasingly challenged by financial stresses affecting them on a day to day basis and in… Read More »

The Connection Between Pain and Future Health Planning

A recently released paper from the University of Michigan and the University of Iceland attempted to determine just how much it’s worth to individuals to live a life free of pain. Avoiding chronic pain is a significant issue for anyone approaching retirement age and the study determined that for those aged 50 and above, the… Read More »

What Is the Great Wealth Transfer?

According to research, the great wealth transfer is referring to approximately $30 trillion in assets that will be passed on from baby boomers to their children and grandchildren in the next couple of decades. This creates numerous challenges for beneficiaries, baby boomers themselves and the financial industry as well. Many of these aging baby boomers… Read More »

Long-term care insurance rates rising

Long-term care insurance rates continue to skyrocket. This is a story from Massachusetts, but similar increases are being seen elsewhere. In a story in the Boston Globe, people who bought long-term care coverage under group plans saw their rates rise nearly 100 percent over two years. The story pointed out that there is no regulation… Read More »

Long-term Care Rates Rising

This is a story out of Massachusetts, but it may well be appearing in other states as well. John Hancock has increased its premiums for long-term care insurance, leaving thousands in the Bay State with sticker shock, says a story in the Boston Globe. The company sent notices to its policyholders informing them of the… Read More »

Don’t Leave Long-Term Care Planning To Chance

Long-term care refers to medical and personal care help that people need because of illness, disability or old age. View image | Such services include help with bathing, toileting, dressing, as well as taking medications, cooking and managing money. There are a number of places to get such help including home health care, transportation… Read More »

Don’t Leave Long-Term Care To Chance

Long-term care refers to medical and personal care help that people need because of disability, illness or aging. Such services range from the most basic needs like bathing to more complicated tasks like taking medication or getting help with finances. View image | There are a number of places to get such help. There… Read More »

Long-Term Care Costs Soar

Costs for new long-term care insurance jumped 8.6 percent on average compared to last year, a survey shows. View image | The coverage, which pays for nursing home or at-home care, now will cost a healthy 55-year-old man $1.060 per year, according to the 2015 Long Term Care Insurance Price Index. The price is… Read More »