Do I Really Need A Living Will?

When used with other estate planning documents, a living will can be a crucial aspect of planning ahead for the future. Understanding what’s involved in orchestrating a living will and the various protections afforded to you and your loved ones can help you make informed decisions about the right documents for you. Basics of A… Read More »

Planning Around Your Children’s Spouses

When deciding who gets what in your will, what do you do to make sure your children’s spouses don’t get anything? This was the question in a column on recently. The questioner wondered if it would be best to leave the spouse a nominal amount so that the spouse could not contest the will…. Read More »

Million Dollar Guide To Estate Planning

Estate planning is important for everyone, but once your estate hits near $1 million, it gets more complex. View image | Unless your estate is worth more than $5.43 million – $10.86 million for a married couple – you are exempt from federal estate taxes. But some states impose their own at a lower… Read More »