Second Marriages And Estate Planning

Second marriages are common these days. But if you aren’t careful, you could end up disinheriting your kids. To make sure that doesn’t happen, make your kids the primary beneficiaries of your life insurance policy, create a trust for them or place certain property under joint ownership with them, says a story on But… Read More »

Irrevocable Trusts Revoked?

Many people have created lifetime irrevocable trusts to get estate tax advantages. View image | The assets in these trusts pass upon death free of estate taxes. But to get the advantage the person has to give up control. Thus, the trust is irrevocable. But what if circumstances change and the person now wants… Read More »

Bob Marley Estate Battle Continues Decades After His Death

Thirty-three years after reggae legend Bob Marley’s death from cancer, lawyers are continuing to battle over his estate. Marley, a Rastafarian, did not leave a will for religious reasons. As a result, he left a probate mess that continues to this day, according to an article on There have been multiple lawsuits filed in… Read More »

How to Edit Your Estate Plan

A person’s estate plan must account for the fact that his or her life is constantly changing. Major life changes, such as marriages and divorces, typically have an impact on the way that a person would like his or her assets to be distributed upon his or her death. Moreover, between the time a person… Read More »