Should You Give an Early Inheritance to Your Kids?

Should you give your kids an early inheritance? This is a common question asked of many estate planning advisors and professionals, but it is not one that you should undertake without the careful planning provided by a knowledgeable attorney. Giving your kids an early inheritance might seem like a good way to get things out… Read More »

The Inheritance Wave Is Coming

Whether your estate is small or large, thinking about passing it on to future generations means you must consider your own legacy and how you’d like to be remembered. Furthermore, the gifts you make to your family members can have a lasting impact on their life. Research shows that massive wealth transfers are coming down… Read More »

What to Do After You Receive a Large Inheritance

If you have recently received a large inheritance, you probably have questions about the best way to protect it and the steps that you should do in order to minimize any potential consequences of improper planning. Putting aside an emergency fund with cash that can be easily accessed in the event of a crisis is… Read More »

What to Do If You Inherit a Large Lump Sum?

There’s no doubt that plenty of people across the United States are dreaming about the potential for winning a lottery and while millions may be out of your reach, thousands or hundreds of thousands could be accessible depending on the assets passed down to you in terms of beneficiary designations. Receiving a high volume of… Read More »

When To Give Your Children Their Inheritance

Some parents want to give their children their inheritance so they can see them enjoy it. However, there can be some unintended consequences. A story in the Yuma Sun says make sure to be informed of the risks and benefits of gifting property, such as a house, land or stock. The article uses the example… Read More »

Sibling rivalry complicates planning

Siblings often battle for years over their inheritances. A sibling of the late guitarist Jimi Hendrix and a company linked to another sibling only recently reached a settlement in a suit involving the rock star’s estate. Hendrix died in 1970 without a will. Their father, Al Hendrix, died in 2002 and left control of the… Read More »

The Trickiest Items To Pass On

You have made an estate plan. Your kids get an inheritance. Your nephew gets your baseball cards. But there are some things that aren’t quite as easy to pass along. A story on says the trickiest items include vacation homes, pets and airline miles. If you stipulate that your vacation home is to be… Read More »

‘Step Up’ Stepping Down?

In his State of the Union address, President Obama outlined some proposed tax changes including ending the “step up” provision in the capital gains tax. Although Congress is unlikely to go along, it could mean big changes in how inheritances are taxed. The Obama plan would eliminate a big tax benefit in the treatment of… Read More »