Helping Your Parents Plan, And Knowing When it is Too Late

Estate planning for oneself is difficult enough. Unfortunately, many adult Americans also find themselves assisting their aging parents, who haven’t even began the process of planning. Assisting an aging parent with estate planning can often be a tall order. Just as important as it is to understand how to approach the situation, it is equally… Read More »

What if Your Trustee Becomes Incapacitated?

Estate planners often discuss how trustees can help when a person becomes incapacitated. However, few conversations discuss what to do when a trustee becomes incapacitated. A recent article discusses how to deal with trustee incapacity. From the start, those creating trust accounts should consider the possibility that a trustee may, at some point, become incapacitated…. Read More »

Everyone Needs an Incapacity Plan

Globally, the single largest cause of disability is dementia. The second largest cause, stroke, can also have a devastating impact on a person’s judgment and decision-making capabilities. Therefore, as a recent article discusses, it is imperative for everyone to include an incapacity plan as part of his or her estate plan. When it comes to… Read More »