The Gift Of Education, Part Two

Last week we discussed giving the gift of a college education to your grandchildren. We raised some potential problems with giving the money directly to them to pay their tuition. Today we’ll talk about some safer approaches. One is to pay your grandchild’s tuition directly to his or her college. This makes the gift exempt… Read More »

Planning for Your Art Collection

Although an estate plan should not individually provide for each and every tangible item that a person owns, it is vital that a person plans for the distribution of his or her more valuable items in his or her estate plan. A recent article discusses three tips for art collectors when planning for their collections…. Read More »

Tax-Oriented Estate Planning

Transfer tax laws have historically been unpredictable. This can leave a lot of people confused when it comes to tax-oriented estate planning. A recent article discusses several important aspects of the current state of tax-oriented estate planning. Tax-oriented estate planning often begins with use of the estate tax marital deduction. Through this deduction, all of… Read More »