Avoiding Challenging Financial Conversations at Thanksgiving

Families gather around the Thanksgiving table to share tales from the year and have important conversations while everyone is together in the same room. However, this can also raise difficult financial situations and conflicts for those family members who are not on the same page financially. Although it’s a good opportunity to address critical financial… Read More »

Is a Financial Advisor Enough for Proper Planning?

Finding the right financial advisor is one important component of engaging with your estate planning and ensuring that you have the right documentation to accomplish your goals, but do you know the things that your financial advisor shouldn’t do? Are you fully versed in how to approach all of the aspects of financial planning in… Read More »

A New Study Shows Women Are Taking More Charge in Financial Affairs

A new study indicates that in terms of wealth management, women are taking an advanced position on financial planning. The study completed by RBC Wealth Management indicated that there has been a significant change in the attitude of women between millennial and the baby boomer generations. In fact, approximately half of boomer women take the… Read More »

Financial Matters to Remember in Your Second Marriage

Whether you are getting married after the death of a spouse or remarrying after a divorce, smart financial planning should always be included in your overall process. A second marriage brings many different questions and considerations to the table, and having the experience of a knowledgeable financial advisor and estate planning attorney is strongly recommended…. Read More »

Is Now a Good Time to Incorporate Paying Off Your Home Loan as Part of Your Estate and Financial Planning Strategy?

Estate planning and financial planning strategies often shift based on major changes in your life, such as a marriage, divorce, birth of a new child, or other significant circumstances. The passage of the new federal laws surrounding estate taxes and gifting may lead you to go back to the drawing board about your home equity… Read More »

How Long Should I Keep This Document? Part 2

Looking to go through your closets and storage in your home or elsewhere and get rid of things you no longer need? Far too many people hold on to paperwork that doesn’t need to be kept forever. They are only certain documents that need to be kept beyond a seven-year period. In our previous blog… Read More »