The New IRS Estate Tax Exemptions Could Affect You In 2019

The IRS recently released the details surrounding any changes in the gift or estate tax exemptions. While the gift tax will stay the same, enabling you to pass on up to $15,000 per year per person without triggering any additional taxes, there has been an increase in estate tax limits. The estate tax exemption has… Read More »

5 Tips to Start Your Estate Plan

  More than 60 percent of Americans don’t have a will or any type of estate plan in place. That means most Americans are going to leave their families a lot of work to do if they die. The work includes finding documents, hiring lawyers and dealing with the courts to sort everything out, according… Read More »

Tips to avoid probate

When you die, your assets go through a process that covers settlement and distribution in accordance with your will. This is called the probate litigation process and is managed by the courts. But probate is time-consuming and costly. It can take up to three years. And it is public. You can avoid probate, however. A… Read More »

Estate Planning in 2016

Estate planning rules change from year to year. Here are a few facts about changes that will affect estate planning next year. They are listed in a story on, the “Motley Fool” site. * The lifetime gift and estate tax exclusion amount increases to $5.45 million. The is up slightly from last year. *… Read More »

Is Your Estate Plan Obsolete?

For years, estate planning attorneys have recommended so-called A/B estate plans for married couples. But an article on says such plans if put into place years ago could have negative tax consequences. It suggests reviewing your estate plan just in case. A/B plans divide an estate into two parts. Actor Humphrey Bogart used one…. Read More »

House Repeals Estate Tax On The Richest

The House of Representatives has voted to give a tax break to the richest few thousand Americans. And the tax money lost would be added to the federal debt. The measure, were it to pass the Senate and be signed into law, would affect only a few thousand estates in the country. Currently, the exemption… Read More »

House To Vote On Estate Tax Repeal

The House Ways and Means Committee is planning to vote soon on a bill to repeal the federal estate tax. The bill has no chance to become law since President Obama will certainly veto it. The US imposes a top rate of 40 percent after an exemption of $5.43 million per person, or $10.86 million… Read More »

How To Protect Against Taxes

When the ball dropped on New Year’s, it meant good news for the fairly wealthy and their heirs — the exemption from federal estate taxes increased to $5.43 million for those who die in 2015. View image | That’s up from $5.34 million last year. Still, most people don’t need to worry about that…. Read More »