Avoiding Stan Lee’s Estate Planning Mess

Asking important questions over the process of approaching your own estate planning can help to minimize conflicts and concerns and enable you to pass on your assets to your loved ones more easily. Unfortunately, as any number of estate planning snafus can suggest, it is far too easy to end up in a mess that… Read More »

Should Millennials Plan Their Estate Now?

The investment portfolio of millennials is poised to change the estate planning industry. For many years, estate planners have largely been focused on providing support to baby boomers. Baby boomers will be passing on a significant amount of wealth to future generations in the next couple of decades, but the approaches that worked for baby… Read More »

Taxes & Estate Planning in 2018/2019

Estate planning might help to structure the distribution of wealth among the deceased’s children, spouse, and friends and relatives, and the second objective was to accomplish tax planning goals. Since the federal estate tax could be applicable for the decedent’s children, appropriate estate planning here helps wealth owners to protect the assets from avoidable taxation…. Read More »

Make Your Estate Simple for You and Your Heirs

Don’t let your estate plan be like the rich and famous. Most people assume they don’t need an estate plan because they’re not rich and famous, or they don’t have substantial assets that they believe would trigger the estate tax. However, if we’ve learned anything from celebrities in the last several years, it’s not a… Read More »

Is a Financial Advisor Enough for Proper Planning?

Finding the right financial advisor is one important component of engaging with your estate planning and ensuring that you have the right documentation to accomplish your goals, but do you know the things that your financial advisor shouldn’t do? Are you fully versed in how to approach all of the aspects of financial planning in… Read More »

Exit Planning is Crucial for Your Estate Planning Strategy

Even those people who do not currently intend to leave their business can still benefit from the services provided by an estate planning lawyer who is knowledgeable about the exit planning process. Although you might have heard peers and colleagues talk about the concept of exit planning, you might not have any plans on leaving… Read More »

Do I Need Estate Planning for My Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency and other digital assets are evolving in the regulatory atmosphere very quickly, but it can be very difficult to figure out how these fit into your estate planning. In the past, putting stock certificates, deed to your home and a will in a safe deposit box in conjunction with coordinating with a lawyer was… Read More »

Are You Ready to Live Longer?

Do you know that you could live many years longer than you expect? With women living longer than men and people living longer overall, you can’t afford not to plan ahead for this. For many years traditional retirement planning was based on receiving a pension plan from your employer, and probably an employer you had… Read More »

Is Something Missing from Your Estate Plan?

Most people assume that estate planning is all about what happens to your property when you pass away. For that reason, many young, single people and young families don’t put estate planning as a top priority, but it can be one of the crucial things that young parents can do, especially considering that someone might… Read More »

Making Estate Planning Basics Easy

As part of your overall financial planning, you might have a good eye towards putting aside money for retirement, but estate planning often gets overlooked. Since many people are under the impression that estate planning needs don’t kick in until later in their lives, they can make critical mistakes that could subject them and their… Read More »

Should You Fund Your Revocable Trust?

Many people are increasingly using an estate planning approach that uses a revocable trust, as well as a will. In fact, most common estate plans these days include both of these elements. This basic structure is now seen as the bare bones under which guardians of any minor children are appointed and executors of the… Read More »