Estate Administration Requires Careful Planning

When an individual is named as a personal representative in a will or a trust deed to serve in an administration of a trust, there are numerous important tasks that come along with these rules. One of the most important steps that needs to be accomplished right away is to order death certificates. Getting these… Read More »

Are Adult Children On the Same Page as Their Parents with Regards to Estate Planning?

A new study recently published by Fidelity Investments indicates that most people understand the need for clear conversations about wills and estate planning. In fact, their 3rd Biennial Family and Finance Study identified that 90% of parents and their adult children see this as an important process. However, there is a major disconnect between whether… Read More »

Plan Ahead To Prevent Check Holdups

If you have a utility or other recurring bill in the name of a person who has died, you might want to change the name on the account right away. Some people just leave the name of the deceased on the bill and keep paying it. View image | In a story on,… Read More »

Bob Marley Estate Battle Continues Decades After His Death

Thirty-three years after reggae legend Bob Marley’s death from cancer, lawyers are continuing to battle over his estate. Marley, a Rastafarian, did not leave a will for religious reasons. As a result, he left a probate mess that continues to this day, according to an article on There have been multiple lawsuits filed in… Read More »