Watch Out for This Social Security Scam

Unfortunately, the elderly and other individuals often approaching the estate planning process as they near retirement are very vulnerable to fraudulent schemes. The newest Social Security scam targets seniors. They may reach out to you over the phone and impersonate an agent of the Social Security Administration by explaining that costs of living increases will… Read More »

Keeping the elderly at home

A number of private firms are getting into the business of keeping older Americans in their homes and out of nursing homes. Until recently, only non-profits were allowed to run programs aimed at doing this. But a year ago the government opened a little known Medicare program up to private for-profit firms. The question is… Read More »

Too old for sex? Not at this nursing home.

Many older men and women are having romantic relationships into their 70s and 80s. Now, some nursing homes are acknowledging the fact. Some have loosened daily regimens for a variety of activities, such as what to eat or when to bathe. The next step, according to a story in the New York Times, is loosening… Read More »

Technology Can Help the Elderly

It can be difficult caring for those with Alzheimer’s. Doctor’s appointments can easily be missed. But technology can make it easier. A story on says smartphone apps can help. One, called Carely, allows the scheduling of doctor’s visits and posts updates on the patient’s condition, so family members are better informed. The app also… Read More »