Checklist for Individuals Taking Care of the Elderly

Elder law attorneys will frequently work with both caregivers of elderly clients and their family members for the process of Medicaid planning, estate planning, as well as applying for and obtaining veterans’ benefits, if necessary. Although the majority of this legal work is focused on the elderly client, a checklist can also help with legal… Read More »

Elder Care Company Nailed in Fraud Probe

Be very careful when selecting a nursing home for a loved one. A recent news story, reported on, showed that many homes are actively defrauding not only residents but the government. The head of a company that runs more than 30 nursing homes in Florida has been charged with defrauding Medicare and Medicaid of… Read More »

Home Health Care Pay to Rise

The Supreme Court has decided not to hear a case that challenged a new Labor Department rule that requires higher wages for many home health care workers. It means the rule will stay in place, says a story on The case centered on whether the new rule should be allowed to require third party… Read More »

Writing an Elder Care Plan

What exactly is an elder care plan? Elder law attorneys deal with legal documents such as living wills, do not resuscitate  (DNR) orders, durable powers of attorney for health care decisions and finances, as well as wills. Elder care managers deal with geriatric assessments which may include a physical and psychological evaluation. Then recommendations are… Read More »

Elder Care Changes Family Dynamics

About 40 million Americans provide unpaid elder care to a loved one, the government says. As these elders age, their needs change and these changes impact all family members, says a story in The Huffington Post. Managing elder care can strain family dynamics, it says. The key is communication but this isn’t always easy. Family… Read More »

ICU Patients Lose Muscle Mass

A growing number of patients are being discharged from intensive care units, cured of the illness that sent them there, but facing a new illness — ICU-acquired weakness. A story on described the condition, pointing out that ICU patients are known to lose muscle mass and function for many reasons, ranging from prolonged immobilization… Read More »

Resistance To Palliative Care

Many people who could benefit from palliative care don’t get it because they associate it with dying. Palliative care focuses on relieving the pain and distress of serious illness. But many people think it is the same as hospice, says a story in the New York Times. Not enough people know the difference since palliative… Read More »

Elders Have Own Views On Sadness

A new study says older people have different, more positive responses than younger people about feelings such as sadness, serenity and loneliness. The University of Massachusetts study could help caregivers as they try to understand the emotions of those elderly folks in their care, says a story on The findings show older folks feel… Read More »

Working Daughters Face Crisis

Working moms have it tough, but there are resources available to them to navigate the choppy waters. A story in The Atlantic says working daughters have few such resources. There are 44 million unpaid eldercare providers in the United States, and most are women. Yet there are very few support programs to help these women… Read More »

Where Are The Geriatricians?

Geriatrics is one of the few medical specialties in the United States that is contracting even as the need is increasing. A story in the New York Times says it ranks at the bottom of the list of specialities that internal medicine residents choose to pursue. They are needed more than ever as life expectancy… Read More »

Health Care Options For Elderly, Disabled

There are several options for health insurance for the elderly and disabled. A story on outlines the various options. Medicare is available for those over 65 or who have been disabled for two years. There are a number of options including traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage. With traditional Medicare, most also purchase a supplemental… Read More »

How Technology Will Soon Change Aging

Technology is changing everything about how we live, including how we age. All sorts of gadgets are doing things for us to help us monitor our health and safety. And many more advances are on the way. View image | A story on the lists a number of advances that are expected to… Read More »

Cliques In Nursing Homes?

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but just because you may be old and gray, you can still act like a teenager – in one of the worst ways. View image | A column in the New York Times recounts a woman’s shock to find out that when her grandmother went into an… Read More »

Crowdfunding To Pay For Medical Bills

Paying for health care expenses can sometimes seem impossible, especially if you have no insurance. Even with insurance, some illnesses can cost more than you might ever imagine with out of pocket costs quickly mounting up. View image | Many people are now turning to crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe or GiveForward to raise… Read More »