Does Divorce Have an Impact on My Estate Plan?

A divorce impacts many aspects of your life, including your present day life, living situation, and your future. That means you must be prepared for how it might impact your estate plan. There’s a good chance that you put together a will while you were married to your now former spouse. This means that any… Read More »

Part 1: The Getting Divorced Estate Planning Series

You will need insight from an experienced estate planning lawyer if you intend to get divorced because there are many different issues that have to be addressed at the outset of this process. Failing to include these in your process could expose you to problems down the road, such as having beneficiary designation forms that… Read More »

Estate Planning and Divorce

A column on by a Massachusetts estate planning attorney suggests the best times are when you are getting married, when you have a child and when you are getting divorced. If you are getting divorced, the last thing you may want to do is talk to another attorney, but the columnist says you may… Read More »

Don’t Let Divorce End Your Estate Planning

The divorce of a long-married couple can be particularly difficult when it comes to retirement and estate plans. View image | Assets, including retirement accounts, can be tricky to divide, and the presence of children can force the complete revision of existing estate plans, says a story on The key steps to ending… Read More »

Separate Estate Plans After Divorce

If you are newly divorced, you’ve likely got a lot on your plate. But don’t forget to update the financial arrangements that go into effect upon your death. View image | If you don’t, certain assets could end up going to your former spouse or his or her family. A story on illustrates… Read More »