Crowdfunding To Pay For Medical Bills

Paying for health care expenses can sometimes seem impossible, especially if you have no insurance. Even with insurance, some illnesses can cost more than you might ever imagine with out of pocket costs quickly mounting up. View image | Many people are now turning to crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe or GiveForward to raise… Read More »

Does Debt Die With You?

If a person dies with debts, his or her creditors may attempt to hassle the family members of the deceased to collect those debts. Many people wonder whether these debts are collectable. As a recent article explains, the answer is it depends. For example, if a person has a balance on his credit card when… Read More »

Probate Court Rules Living Man Dead

Donald Eugene Miller Jr. found himself in a unique position recently when a probate court ruled that he is legally dead. Miller, who is 61 and breathing, was actually declared legally dead back in 1994. He went into the court asking for a reversal of that ruling, and was denied. Eight years prior to being… Read More »

Helping Your Heirs With Your Estate

When Krysten Crawford’s mother died unexpectedly at the age of 74, Crawford and her sisters had never spoken with their mother about her financial affairs or estate. After the mother’s death, Krysten and her sisters discovered not only that their mother still had a mortgage on her home, but that the mortgage was in default…. Read More »

When Joint Bank Accounts Become Problematic

Many people incorporate joint accounts into their financial and estate plans in order to keep the account(s) out of probate. As a recent article explains, however, joint accounts can become problematic. Joint accounts provide the account holders with a right of survivorship of the account. Essentially, a right of survivorship means that when one joint… Read More »

Debts After Death

In order to determine the nature and extent of a deceased person’s estate, it is important to determine the financial position of the deceased. A recent article discusses how to deal with the debt of a loved one after he or she has died. If the decedent had any credit cards, an important consideration is… Read More »