Steps For New Caregivers

  Caregiving is a hard job. If it is new to you, it is difficult to figure out where to begin. A story on offers some suggestions for the first things you need to do. They include: * Get a diagnosis. An early diagnosis has many benefits, particularly if it is Alzheimer’s you are… Read More »

Children as Caregivers

In more than one million American families, children — as young as 8 years old — are partly or fully responsible for caring for adults or siblings they live with. These children have to shop, cook meals, clean, do laundry and are responsible for the hygiene of those they care for. They also have to… Read More »

Elders Have Own Views On Sadness

A new study says older people have different, more positive responses than younger people about feelings such as sadness, serenity and loneliness. The University of Massachusetts study could help caregivers as they try to understand the emotions of those elderly folks in their care, says a story on The findings show older folks feel… Read More »

Caregiver Stress Very Real

When it comes to providing long-term care to the sick and/or elderly, the heavy lifting falls on close family members. They can be spouses, children, other family or friends. And it is a stressful job. View image | Caregivers face a variety of physical, emotional, and economic strains that result in stress and, in… Read More »

Caregiving Can Be More Rewarding Than Most Might Think

As the population ages, many people are discovering that the role-reversal of having to look after their parents has its rewards along with burdens and baggage. View image | The website came up with six specific things that make the work of caregivers something more than meeting an obligation. “You give up your… Read More »

Be Careful What You Post

Three children of a Sugarland, Texas nursing home patient have been banned from the facility over material they posted on social media. According to a story in the Southeast Texas Record, and reprinted by the, the three were informed by the attorney for Silverado Senior Living that they may no longer visit until they… Read More »