Every Business Needs Succession Planning

Plenty of studies have identified that numerous companies are skipping out on the process of estate planning and only learning the dangers of doing so after the fact when a business is forced to scramble very quickly. The talent gap is real across businesses in the United States and plenty of companies are feeling the… Read More »

Unplanned Exits from A Franchise

Any business can benefit from a comprehensive business succession plan. That is because most people do not anticipate having to suddenly step out of a company. An unplanned exit could be catastrophic to the business, even one that is reliant on the franchise model. Many franchisors already require that franchisees have a succession plan in… Read More »

Business Sale Planning Tips

When you are looking forward to the future of your business and ultimately exiting that business in order to accomplish other goals, such as retiring or if you’ve simply gotten bored with the process itself, you need to have these planning tips in the back of your mind. Ultimately, you should approach business succession planning… Read More »

Business Succession Planning for Franchises

You might think it is initially annoying when a franchiser requests or requires that you as a franchisee maintain a succession plan. However, this is a win-win situation. All parties will be able to work together on business contingency plan that can benefit everyone in the event of a sudden departure in a franchise business…. Read More »