How To Be An Executor

Being named an executor of a will is a serious responsibility. However, most people who are named know nothing about how to do the job, says a story in US News. An executor’s job is to handle the estate of the person who died. Basically, the executor identifies the assets and distributes them according to… Read More »

Keeping Your Estate Plan Current

Many people wait until the last minute to update documents such as their wills. A story on says that when you update your documents you should consider not only the property and assets that are being distributed, but also the people involved. Carefully consider beneficiaries as well as people to whom you have entrusted… Read More »

Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be, as long as you avoid some common mistakes and pitfalls. A story on lists some of those mistakes. They include: * Failing to plan. If you don’t have a will or an estate plan, the state can make decisions for you. * Not… Read More »

Settling the Estate

Do you want to be named as an executor of a family member or close friend’s estate? View image | It is an honor, but one that comes with a lot of responsibilities, says a story on the web site. The responsibilities: Balancing the interests of beneficiaries. Complete extensive paperwork. Review and probate… Read More »

Estate Planning Trump Card

Naming a beneficiary is the trump card of estate planning. View image | A story on details what happened to a recent widow, who learned her deceased husband’s life insurance money was going to his first wife. The husband had changed his will to make his second wife the beneficiary of his estate… Read More »

Estate Planning For Your Blended Family

Where estate planning is involved, it can be more complicated when a blended family is involved. In many cases, family dynamics can become permanently strained. With the number of remarriages growing, many families now include children, stepchildren, former spouses and in-laws. View image | Such families need advance wealth planning with specific goals, says… Read More »