What Are Retirement Super Savers?

Many people in younger generations are experiencing the challenges of their older loved ones as baby boomers approach retirement. This is causing a growing number of people to think about their financial future and to max out on their 401(k) contributions. Research from the Economic Policy Institute indicates that retirement saving in United States is… Read More »

Four Ways for Retirees to Stay Active

Many baby boomers hope to have an active lifestyle beyond their retirement. This can help to assist with mental health and decrease their health care expenses as well. There are several different tips that you can employ in order to increase your chances of maintaining an active lifestyle and cutting down on health care expenses… Read More »

Boomers Redefining Suburbia

Half a century ago, suburbs were frantically building schools to keep up with all the newly born baby boomers. Today, suburbs are redefining themselves as boomers age, and want to stay in their communities, but continue to live full lives. A story in the Boston Globe says these aging boomers are wanting new experiences even… Read More »