Don’t Forget to Include Asset Protection Planning

Conventional estate planning is only half of the equation and if you leave yourself exposed to the possibility that someone could launch a lawsuit against you, you could be financially ruined with just one of these unfortunate intrusions into your existing estate planning. Comprehensive estate planning must include traditional estate planning tools to maximize the… Read More »

Asset Protection Planning for Entrepreneurs

There are many different mistakes that entrepreneurs can make in the process of establishing and growing their business. Comprehensive business succession planning and estate planning are two cornerstones of looking ahead to the future and ensuring that you have protected everything you have worked so hard to build. Another place for entrepreneurs often expose themselves… Read More »

What Is an Asset Protection Trust?

There are many different types of trusts that can help you to gain greater control and flexibility over the estate planning process. Sitting down with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer is often the first step to allow to accomplish your estate planning goals. One type of trust that you may consider in putting together your… Read More »

3 Items To Review

Just having an estate plan isn’t enough. It must also be up to date. An article on Money says it should be reviewed every five years. Here are three areas to keep in mind: Update existing documents, including health care advance directive, durable power of attorney, wills and/or trusts, to see if it is time… Read More »

Estate planning for Millennials and Xers

Nobody likes to think about the prospect of being old, disabled, incapacitated or dying. But it is when you are young that you should think about your finances, your possessions and your family. The biggest mistake millennials make is that they associate estate planning with the elderly and the rich, says an article on…. Read More »

Estate Planning Not Just For The Rich

The rich aren’t the only ones who can benefit from estate planning. Determining what will happen to your assets and property when you die and planning for the tax implications of passing on your wealth is for everyone, says a story on Even if you don’t have a fortune to leave to your heirs,… Read More »