Should I Give Greater Gifts to Kids?

When you are thinking about passing on your assets to your future generations, it’s natural to want to give as much as possible. In fact, many parents and grandparents confronting estate planning for the first time are thinking about the strategies they can take to enhance the value of their estate as much as possible… Read More »

Does a Gift of Money Mean Love?

Most baby boomers consider a gift of money an expression of love, according to a survey. But this can complicate estate planning if those getting the money see it differently. Millennials, in particular, have varying views about getting gifts, according to the survey reported on About one-third of them see monetary gifts as a… Read More »

Lend Money to Family for Estate Planning

Lending money to a family member is a simple but effective estate planning strategy. So says a story on, which says the IRS often scrutinizes such transactions to make sure they are not gifts. For that reason, the story says, it is important to treat the loan just like an arm’s-length transaction between unrelated… Read More »

Estate Planning vs. Business Transition

Many people confuse estate planning with business transition . They are actually quite different. View image | According to a story on, estate planning involves the transfer of wealth and assets of an individual, both personal and business related, from one person to another person or entity. Business transition involves the transfer of… Read More »

Pre-Nups For Pets?

The newest thing that divorcing couples are battling over? View image | Custody of their pets. An article in the Boston Globe says because more and more couples are fighting over pets many lawyers are suggesting prenuptial provisions for pets — pet prenups. One reason is that pets are considered property, not dependents. As… Read More »