Are You Ready to Live Longer?

Do you know that you could live many years longer than you expect? With women living longer than men and people living longer overall, you can’t afford not to plan ahead for this. For many years traditional retirement planning was based on receiving a pension plan from your employer, and probably an employer you had… Read More »

The Connection Between Pain and Future Health Planning

A recently released paper from the University of Michigan and the University of Iceland attempted to determine just how much it’s worth to individuals to live a life free of pain. Avoiding chronic pain is a significant issue for anyone approaching retirement age and the study determined that for those aged 50 and above, the… Read More »

Planning to Work Longer? You’re Not Alone

A new research project by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies identified that nearly two-thirds of baby boomers intended to continue working beyond age 65. Approximately, half of those who do aim to retire intend to have some form of employment during that time and some individuals planned never to retire. Those people who are… Read More »

Too old for sex? Not at this nursing home.

Many older men and women are having romantic relationships into their 70s and 80s. Now, some nursing homes are acknowledging the fact. Some have loosened daily regimens for a variety of activities, such as what to eat or when to bathe. The next step, according to a story in the New York Times, is loosening… Read More »

Social engagement linked to sleep

Sleep is critical to maintaining cognitive function, preventing chronic disease and reducing the risk of mortality. Now, a new study has found that sleep and social engagement are linked. A paper published this year and reported on in looked at volunteer work, attendance at church and attendance at meetings of organized groups and found… Read More »

Home Health Care Pay to Rise

The Supreme Court has decided not to hear a case that challenged a new Labor Department rule that requires higher wages for many home health care workers. It means the rule will stay in place, says a story on The case centered on whether the new rule should be allowed to require third party… Read More »

Older Diabetics Living Longer

A study shows that older Americans with diabetes who were born in the 1940s are living longer and with less disability than those born ten years earlier. The study, published in the Lancet and reported in, found that adults with diabetes born in the 1940s generally become disabled later and were living more years… Read More »

Boomers Redefining Suburbia

Half a century ago, suburbs were frantically building schools to keep up with all the newly born baby boomers. Today, suburbs are redefining themselves as boomers age, and want to stay in their communities, but continue to live full lives. A story in the Boston Globe says these aging boomers are wanting new experiences even… Read More »

Aging in Place

Many people, as they age, are reluctant to think about changing their living circumstances as long as they can get by at the moment. In fact, AARP reports that 90 percent of Americans over age 65 plan to stay in their homes as they age. Yet, for most, the design of their homes or communities… Read More »

ICU Patients Lose Muscle Mass

A growing number of patients are being discharged from intensive care units, cured of the illness that sent them there, but facing a new illness — ICU-acquired weakness. A story on described the condition, pointing out that ICU patients are known to lose muscle mass and function for many reasons, ranging from prolonged immobilization… Read More »

The Arts Can Promote Healthy Aging

The  arts are improving the bodies and the minds of the elderly all over the country. A documentary two years ago called “Alive Inside” showed how music can help the most vulnerable old folks, particularly those with dementia. A man who would not speak was given an IPod and he came back to life, talking,… Read More »

Elders Have Own Views On Sadness

A new study says older people have different, more positive responses than younger people about feelings such as sadness, serenity and loneliness. The University of Massachusetts study could help caregivers as they try to understand the emotions of those elderly folks in their care, says a story on The findings show older folks feel… Read More »

Robotic Aides May Be The Future

As people live longer, the ranks of the old and frail are growing by leaps and bounds. A big fear is over who will care for them. A story in the New York Times says drones may be the answer. It notes that a University of Illinois robotics designer has received a $1.5 million federal… Read More »

Caring For A Loved One

When a loved one, especially a parent, moves in, it can be tricky. View image | A story on tells how one woman made it work when her mother moved in with her. Her tips: Expect the unexpected. There is no “one size fits all” manual for how to do this. Everybody is… Read More »

How Technology Will Soon Change Aging

Technology is changing everything about how we live, including how we age. All sorts of gadgets are doing things for us to help us monitor our health and safety. And many more advances are on the way. View image | A story on the lists a number of advances that are expected to… Read More »