There are many different financial and lifestyle considerations to be evaluated as you approach retirement and your golden years. This includes the possibility of transitioning into full time nursing home care at some point.

Whether you are currently evaluating nursing homes for a loved one, a parent, or for yourself, you want to ensure that the facilities available to you are affordable, comfortable, managed properly and clean.

A recent study found that even in the least expensive states, nursing home care costs more than $50,000 per year. Arkansas, North Dakota, Mississippi, and Minnesota took the top four spots for the best states for nursing home care.

The study looked at metrics such as nursing homes per 10,000 seniors, the average fine amount incurred by nursing homes, the nurse staffing hours for each resident per day, the percentage of short stay residents who had improvements in their functions and the percentage of long stay residents with decreasing health outcomes.

California came in the number 5 spot due to effectiveness of its nursing homes. The state has the lowest rate in the nation from depressive symptoms for long term stay residents and the second lowest rates of long stay residents who experience decreasing health outcomes.

California, however, is one of the more expensive states when it comes to costs for nursing home care with an average cost of over $100,000 per year. This highlights just how important it is to schedule a consultation with a California elder law lawyer to walk through your best options.



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