Celebrity Estate Planning Oddities: Harry Houdini

Often celebrities can provide interesting information about the estate planning process. All too often, this comes in the form of mistakes to avoid since too many celebrities never do their estate planning to begin with or fail to incorporate a holistic picture that would better protect them and their loved ones. However, celebrities can also… Read More »

What Are Non-Probate Assets in California?

There are primarily three types of properties that do not go through the probate process. This property will transfer outside of probate regardless of what a person listed in their will. Non-probate assets include:  Property that is held jointly with survivorship rights. Community property that is only available for married couples if they own property… Read More »

What Types of Risks Do My Assets Face?

Keeping your wealth protected is an important part of the estate planning process. Many people also sit down with their estate planning attorney to discuss asset protection planning strategies. Working so hard to create your wealth and then outlining a plan for it to be passed on to future generations are important but not without… Read More »

What Can I Expect During the Preservation Stage of My Life?

During the course of your adult life, you will encounter a few different phases. As you shift into each of these phases, your overall focus will change and you’ll need to adapt your expectations in line with those concerns present at each stage. The three various phases of your financial life are, accumulation, preservation and… Read More »

Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

Many people are curious about whether a power of attorney document ever terminates or whether you need to go through the process of hiring a lawyer to remove a person that you no longer want to have this power, this person could be choosing to refuse to give up the power of attorney. There are… Read More »

Does a Will Ever Expire?

Many people have questions about what it takes to put together a will. It’s a mistake to assume that generating a will is a once and done kind of activity and this is because you may need to update your will over the course of your life. It is a misconception that a will expires…. Read More »

Key Takeaways from Prince’s Estate

Unlike other celebrities like Michael Jackson, the estate assets for pop star Prince were all valued accurately and the necessary taxes were paid and there were not any further audits from the IRS. However, Prince made things much more difficult for his loved ones by failing to leave behind a will. There was no clear… Read More »