Every Business Needs Succession Planning

Plenty of studies have identified that numerous companies are skipping out on the process of estate planning and only learning the dangers of doing so after the fact when a business is forced to scramble very quickly. The talent gap is real across businesses in the United States and plenty of companies are feeling the… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Assigning QTIP Income Interest

The current estate tax exemption is $11.18 million and double that for married couples. There has been an increased emphasis in the estate planning industry on portability planning, particularly for those wealthy couples who have a combined estate that is above the $11.18 million mark but below the combined exemption amount. A portability plan considers… Read More »

Should You Give an Early Inheritance to Your Kids?

Should you give your kids an early inheritance? This is a common question asked of many estate planning advisors and professionals, but it is not one that you should undertake without the careful planning provided by a knowledgeable attorney. Giving your kids an early inheritance might seem like a good way to get things out… Read More »

Is a Financial Advisor Enough for Proper Planning?

Finding the right financial advisor is one important component of engaging with your estate planning and ensuring that you have the right documentation to accomplish your goals, but do you know the things that your financial advisor shouldn’t do? Are you fully versed in how to approach all of the aspects of financial planning in… Read More »

Who Are Exempted Recipients for Asset Transfers with Medicaid?

If you have just begun to broach the process of Medicaid planning, you likely understand that it is state specific and can be extremely complex. Transferring assets to some people will trigger a period of Medicaid ineligibility, which could set you back by several months or longer due to transferring assets because you didn’t understand… Read More »

Do You Really Need to Avoid the Guardianship System?

Among some of the many reasons that you might wish to consider putting together a comprehensive estate plan with the support of an attorney is avoiding the guardianship system. There have been plenty of different news articles that have detailed families that have had to go through the alarmingly difficult situation of figuring out what… Read More »

An Economics Professor at Harvard Recently Published A Study That Shows That Women Can Lose Out When They Retire at The Same Time as Their Husbands

Deciding to retire at the same time as your husband might make a lot of sense so that you can spend time together. However, there are other possibilities and challenges that could affect you. Married women are overall still considered in their peak earning years in their 50s and early 60s, whereas married men’s earnings… Read More »

Exit Planning is Crucial for Your Estate Planning Strategy

Even those people who do not currently intend to leave their business can still benefit from the services provided by an estate planning lawyer who is knowledgeable about the exit planning process. Although you might have heard peers and colleagues talk about the concept of exit planning, you might not have any plans on leaving… Read More »

Do I Need Estate Planning for My Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency and other digital assets are evolving in the regulatory atmosphere very quickly, but it can be very difficult to figure out how these fit into your estate planning. In the past, putting stock certificates, deed to your home and a will in a safe deposit box in conjunction with coordinating with a lawyer was… Read More »