Does Divorce Have an Impact on My Estate Plan?

A divorce impacts many aspects of your life, including your present day life, living situation, and your future. That means you must be prepared for how it might impact your estate plan. There’s a good chance that you put together a will while you were married to your now former spouse. This means that any… Read More »

Do I Need A Co-Executor on My Will?

Most people designate one other individual to serve as a will’s executor, but you likely have the possibility of establishing two or more co-executors. Many estate planning attorneys will recommend that one executor is best since this avoids possible conflicts between two or more people, but there are unique situations in which it makes sense… Read More »

What Does it Mean to Choose a Bad Executor?

In the process of establishing your estate planning goals, you have to make key decisions about other people. For example, selecting your power of attorney means thinking about who you trust to make legal or financial decisions on your behalf if something happens to you.  A will is your opportunity to establish a guardian for… Read More »

What Are Fraudulent LLC Transfers?

Establishing a limited liability company for asset protection planning is a common goal for a person who is meeting with an attorney for the first time to accomplish this, however, you must be aware of the fraudulent transfers exception. Any asset protection plan developed must consider the potential application of fraudulent transfer laws. These laws… Read More »

How Do Assets Go Into a Living Trust?

A living trust only becomes legally valid when the assets are placed inside a living trust. This is a common error made by many people new to the estate planning process who might create a living trust but then forget to transfer assets inside, meaning that the assets do not receive the protection or ownership… Read More »

Do I Really Need A Living Will?

When used with other estate planning documents, a living will can be a crucial aspect of planning ahead for the future. Understanding what’s involved in orchestrating a living will and the various protections afforded to you and your loved ones can help you make informed decisions about the right documents for you. Basics of A… Read More »

What is a Family Limited Partnership?

Some people are under the impression that establishing a family limited partnership can somehow eliminate all estate taxes, regardless of the fact that the estate or the overall structure of the business.   The concept behind this is that the parents can transfer property into a partnership business entity with children and potentially grandchildren.  These individuals will share ownership as limited… Read More »

What is a Property Control Trust?

You may establish a property control trust in numerous different situations, including, the following five: First of all, you might want to restrict the beneficiaries access to his or her inheritance, because you believe that they can not responsibly handle money.  You can establish a spend thrift trust to assist with this. The second reason to… Read More »